Sunday, 6 November 2011

Halloween and xmas earrings

Pop over to  Handmade Monday 41 and check out all the lovely blogs as usual I have left it to the last minute to write mine and its 11.30pm already
Thought I would add my Halloween photos they are so cool

The children did Two each

I have also been making Christmas earrings
I have some Snowmen too but didnt get round to taking the photos
I had some great news too I now have some of my jewellery in the local curves Its great they were collecting for cancer so I donated some pink jewellery for their tombola this lead to people asking about my products and so I was asked if I wanted to display some jewellery I was really pleased and I'm taking  a few things in tomorrow Yayyyyy!!!!!

The Fair wasnt very sucessful lack of people but I did meet a lovely lady that runs an art group and she asked me if I fancied teaching some encaustic skills I was over the moon She took my number and I will be paying her a visit very soon

I wont be doing very much crafting this week as my youngest is due in hospital for a knee op and I have to get my eldest's room thats downstairs ready for her return as she probably wont be able to do the stairs for a while so have a happy week crating and I will see you all soon xxxxx

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Half Term

This week has been very hectic as usual
The first thing you need to do is go and check out Handmade Monday on Wendys blog so many fascinating people making some amazing things!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have managed to get to curves three times which is very good considering but haven't done a lot of crafting
We managed to paint some glass plates which looked amazing and Abi did a lovely picture using acrylic paint
We also had to buy this beautiful giant bunny whos name is now Shrek he is so cute he has been living in my conservatory since Tuesday but we have built a new giant run which is just finished so I will get some more pictures for next week xxx
The only crafting I managed to do are these draught excluders for a friend I was quite please with them I made them so the cover was tied on this means it can be removed to wash when necessary

I thought I would also take a lovely picture of my wood burner its the first time its been on this year and looks lovely
and my beautiful Christmas cactus as I know most of us have started crafting for Christmas
Thank you for reading and I will see you next monday I have a craft Fair coming up on wednesday so I need to get sewing as I have some gorgeous new cup-cake fabric xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Handmade Monday 39

Well I have decided I need to get more organised and realised I have a few hours spare after the Country Market on Fridays so I am choosing this time to do my blog for Monday
Pop over to Unique Gifts and check out all the lovely blogs which I will be fitting in when I post this Sunday while watching the X factor
Its been a while since I made any jewellry but couldnt resist this new tecnique I learnt so I have made a few bracelets this week

I have also added a few colours to my magnetic range green seems popular at the moment as it sold straight away at the Country market
heres a picture of the ones made this week
I also mounted and framed my Christmas picture although it could be hung at any time of year
I took the picture outside as  it was such a lovely day
I am also getting ready for the 1st Winchester Country Market Christmas Fair  its not untill 12th November but its getting so close now I have printed loads of flyers and its on the internet so if you are local to Winchester please pop in and see us we are having tea and homebaked cakes and a make and take for the children hoping it will be succesful as our aim is to catch people that work fridays and never make our Friday Market
Have a lovely week everybody
Karen xxxxxxx

Monday, 10 October 2011

Handmade Monday 37

Ok so I am not very organised this week I started at Curves and Im in a rush as I need to be there by 9.30 this morning

I have been doing a little sewing but have not taken any pictures yet  but I do have a picture of my finished cushion at last Yayyyyyyy!!!!
I also started using stamops with my encaustic so I will add those picture too
While you are here please pop over to Wendys blog and check out the other blogs
Here are the photos
The finished cushion

These aer stamped silhouettes with the encaustic wax painted over the top xxx
Thanks for looking see you next week xxx

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Very Slow Crafting Week

This week has been very slow for crafting as I have been Knitting I finished off a couple of scarfs and started on a cushion cover for my daughters new room
The scarves have been taking me ages I have been using double knit wool doubled up on size 8mm needles I have made several in the last few weeks learning a bit more each time
The 1st was green and purple this was knit all the way through but in sections only knitting with one ball to get the stripes inbetween the mixed wool This worked out ok but the stripes were on different sides all the way through
The 2nd was yellow and black this turned out better as I was more aware of where to do the stripes they were all on the same side
3rd was cerise pink with a mixed wool this turned out great as it just had cerise stripe all the way through
4th was a mixed wool but a lot thicker this one I  had unpicked as I had done it in stocking stitch and it was very curly I was told if I did all knit it would lay flat this worked really well as I was also taught spider stitch which is wrapping both needles then one as I go along
5th was turquoise wool with the mixed wool again I did this one with the spider stitch too and gave it to my great friend for her birthday apparently it got stolen as soon as she got home by her son who thought it was lovely and soft
My new attemp is the cushion cover I will  do the same stitch but wider this was done in lime green and the mixed wool Its still in progress

This is not a very good photo but hopefully you get the gist of it
Now pop over to Wendys blog on Handmade Monday  and check out what everybody else has been doing this week and if you have timne write a little comment
Thanks and I will see you again next week xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 26 September 2011

Handmade Monday 35

I am not really ready for this today But I promised myself to blog every Monday here goes............
1st pop over to Wendys Handmade Monday Blog  and check out all the other lovely more organised peoples blogs and do make a lovely comment
This week has been a little hectic what with eldest daughter returning from sea totally unorganised I have been busy trying to sort out this years accomadation for her but as of yet its not sorte dthis is why she was up at the crack of dawn this morning to get a train and a bus to college still at least I managed to get on here now shes safely on her way
I have done a little bit of sewing with the gorgeous fabric I picked up recently

I know it is lovely so good in fact both items sold within minutes of putting them out on Friday at Winchester Country Market I was so pleased It was a day for selling aprons as I wish I had made more because another lady also sold hers here tooo xx
I have also just finished the Cath Kidston cushion which I have yet to photograph Watch this Space!!!!!!!!

I also attendined Tabletops Craft Fair in Eastleigh on Saturday where I was doing demos in Encaustic Art lots of people found it fascinating and did buy some of the samples I had made I was using my new tip for my Stylus and painted some cute Butterflies as well as some other pictures

Thats it for now must get on with some sewing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Littleton Show always the 1st Saturday in September

Before I start just pop over to Handmade Monday 34and comment on the lovely blogs and a big Thank you to Wendy for starting this amazing idea I love it
Heres this weeks Handmade Monday
I have been doing Littleton show for 4 years now and I love it
I always get to be next my Friend who makes Fimo dragons and have a lovely Day
The first Year I did this show I sold lots of things the following year less then the following less again but this year was different I sold a lot more
Each year I try to do something new to add to my basic stock this year I decided as I have lots of Childrens beads  and to sell them in mixed bags with elastic this went down very well with adults and children
I didnt sell any jewellery which is very unusual mainly people were looking for something different so cushions and aprons went down well
Heres a few pictures of my stall

Monday, 12 September 2011

Yayyyyyyyyyyy kids back to school BLOG time

Wow the holidays seem to go on for ages this year
I love the lie ins but my 11 year old with the bad knee is feeling very bored and lonely without her sisters (one is in Alaska the other working every hour saving to go to uni) so its up to me to lay on the entertainment which is not as easy as it used to be when she was younger
Soooo craft well I have to say I have been looking at rather than doing it but we did manage to make some russian doll pin cushions these were in a kit for my daughters birthday I tried to find them today to take photo but they are well hidden in her bedroom next week maybe
We went away to Scotland and I came across this shop
It was a cute little place and next door was another art shop I picked up a great book with lots of ideas and some cupcake shaped cookie cutters
The photos came out well
 Traditional Thistle
The bridge from the Harry Potter films
It was a lovely week away wet but very green

We had some great exam results too the only complaint was 1xB how shocking lol (her words not mine )
It was also her 17th birthday so we had a lovely BBQ full of home-made cupcakes and mini pavlovas

This cake is a giant Oreo cookie
I have done a little sewing this weekend a couple of orders
 Spongebob bag
Spongebob Cushion
And heres a few cards I am in the middle of

So I guess I had better get back to the painting dont forget to pop over to Wendys Page Handmade Monday and make some comments on the other blogs I am off out again for a hospital App so I will be checking them out this evening

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Handmade Monday 27

Hi all welcome to Handmade Monday 27 so sorry I never had time to participate last  week cant really remember why Must be an age thing, any way pop over and see the other blogs as we all love the comments you make xx
Anyway I was at the tabletops craft fair last Saturday and to say it was quiet was an understatement but I have to say the people that did turn up really enjoyed my demos with the encaustic art
I wish I had taken some photos but the church photographer did so hopefully I will be able to get some copies I did some unusual pictures tried out my coloured card and spoke to a lot of people that were interesed in the way the pictures turned out hopefully they will be back for some xmas pressie ideas

Have had a few hospital trips with the youngest and they still cant tell me what is wrong with her knee or how its happened had an ultra sound which they are comparing to the MRI so hopefully will have some more news at the next appointment

On a more positive note I sold a couple of necklaces at the Winchester Country Market on Friday which considering the few cards that were sold too were the only craft items to go so  that was a good day. One was a magnetic in black and white the other a glass cats eye in a beautiful green colour
Heres my display very carefully laid out as little is more no clutter

I havent made very much this week as its now the summer hols and have a lot more pessing things to do but I acquired a stool that I covered from my middle daughters room a long time ago (she has decided she doesnt want it anymore) that I am planning to recover this week just trying to decide on the fabric

Im blogging today while my I-phone is backing up as it loses power badly charges all night then its dead again by lunchtime its so frustarting anyway they said send it back and they would look at so hopefully it will work better when I get it back  seems to be taking ages so Im off to check out the other blogs xxx

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Its that time again..........................................................

Handmade Monday Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy  so pop over to all the amazing blogs on Wendys page and make some comments as we love comments <3 <3
This week I had an order for a flowery bag it was from a lovely young lady who is training in hairdresssing, she styled my daughters hair for her prom and she looked amazing so I said as a thank you to have a look at my hand made items to see if there was anything she liked I was already planning on making a sort of hairdressing roll for her (somewhere to store her brushes and scissors etc) but she said she would like a bag
Here are the finished items

I delivered them on Thursday and she was very pleased the fabric was lovely and very summery xxx

My eldset Daughter flew out to Vancouver this week so the house is feeling empty and quiet again and this week will be even more quiet as the middle daughter goes off to cadet camp.seems like I may have some time on my hands???? which is just as well as I am going to a local craft fair called Tabletops where I will be demonstrating my encaustic art I am hoping that people will enjoy watching and maybe buy some paintings so I have a lot of things to pack and organise
What  a rainy wekend it has been I got a really cool photo yesterday of a beautiful rainbow

 notice in the 2nd picture you can see a double rainbow it was stunning and the last one was cool as you could nearly see both ends I LOVE RAINBOWS XXXX
 See you all next week hoping to fill you in on the craft fair xx