Monday, 10 October 2011

Handmade Monday 37

Ok so I am not very organised this week I started at Curves and Im in a rush as I need to be there by 9.30 this morning

I have been doing a little sewing but have not taken any pictures yet  but I do have a picture of my finished cushion at last Yayyyyyyy!!!!
I also started using stamops with my encaustic so I will add those picture too
While you are here please pop over to Wendys blog and check out the other blogs
Here are the photos
The finished cushion

These aer stamped silhouettes with the encaustic wax painted over the top xxx
Thanks for looking see you next week xxx


  1. Love the stamps effect over your encaustic art - simply stunning.

    Ali x

  2. The pictures are fab, i really like fairy one, very effective :)

  3. Love the encaustic art, the toadstools are just lovely, but so are the fairies. The cushion is fab - I love the buttons!

  4. The fairies are so etherial... I love em!

  5. Ooops typo, ethereal... I do know how to spell, honest!

  6. Love the toadstools and fairies, especially the 2nd TS and the 1st fairy. I really should try this encaustic art, it always looks amazing.

    Jan x

  7. wow - really really lovely :)

  8. ohhhh! encaustic art! wow! love the shapes and shades and smudges! truly magical and fairy like. i recently have seen on the advert telly how these pictures are made with iron and wax - i was amazed! aaah i want that hobby now!!!

  9. Thanks for all your commens just got back on the computer rather then the phone so checking out a few blogs xxx