Sunday, 29 May 2011

Having a sort out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week started very well with my Dolly Shed I started one end and worked my way down ,Well it is 18'x10' and I had to start some where!!!!!!

 What a mess eh??????

 I sorted through the bead shelves and cleared all the excess beads that covered the work top now it was clear I sorted through all the fabric below Its now all in colours and all my cushion inserts are all lovely and tidy. I had to empty several small red boxes full of sewing accessories and found them a new home in a lovely pink unit they were now easily accessible.
I then started on the entrance which was totally blocked up with old clothes curtains and duvet sets it was a long job but I decided to not keep too much just my denim as I really want to start making my denim bags
the cupboard was now tidy YAYYYYY!!!!!

Now the floor was clear I was actually able to hoove up all my excess fabric and beads the hoove rwas making lots of noise I can tell you but it looks really nice now and the rugs are bead and pin free!!!!!!!!!
Theres still quite a lot of sorting to do but I am very pleased with how it looks now and I even found the Disney Princess duvet I has promised my favourite 2 year old with an added bonus of a Snow White duvet set!!!!
Now was the time also to get to work on the Party bags I had promised a friend from work her daughter wanted kitty notebooks so I set about decorating 8 of them I wrote their names in Italics and was very pleased with the results I added a gel pen and a few hair accessaries then I labelled them all
''Sew'' its been an eventful week and a little crafting was achieved pop over to Handmade Monday 18 for some more delightful and creative blogs and put in a little comment as it truly makes our day thanks xxx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Handmade Monday 17

I am joining in today but I have to say I haven't made anything this week at all. On tuesday I enjoyed looking after my lovely friends daughter she is 2 and an absolute dream to look after she made me remember my training all those years ago and I realised thats what I would like to do again Thankyou gorgeous!!!! Then wednesday was another hospital trip for my youngests knee not bad news but not good either now to wait for the next appointment

I attended the Winchester Country Market on Friday morning and was very pleased as I sold a few items 
including the set above (acrylic pink rectangles and blue glass cats eyes) and the necklace below  (fresh water pearls and swarovski crystals
Yesterday I had a lovely trip to Dover again to see my beautiful daughter who now only has two more weeks before she comes home for a month so that was the best news of the week I can't wait.
This week I am planning a big sort out in my workshop now theres a feat I cant say I'm going to enjoy too much but its been on my to do list for ages I'll try do some before and after pics if I get a chance
Before I go please take a look at Handmade Monday 17 over at Unique Gifts and check out the amazing blogs some very talented people xxxx

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Handmade Monday 16 What a Lovely Day

Well its been a hectic week but ended in a lovely day at the Brickworks It wasnt particulaly busy but I met lots of lovely people, the lady next to me had amazing cards made with her hand made silk and some beautiful paimtings , there was gorgeous cupcakes next to her and a fascinating art across the way it was fused glass but some were bottles turned into spoon rests they were lovely
Also Jean who ran the Art exhibition popped in and said I could put a couple of pieces into the shop I loved this idea just need to decide which ones

But what made my day was the lady that had reserved her painting came to collect it she was very pleased and I realised that there are some lovely people around that genuinly loved my work.
These are the paintings before mounting
These are the paintings mounted

When I got back I had a lovely dinner of salmon and veggie pasta cooked for me by my wonderful partner geoffy it was deliciousThank you xxxxxxxxx
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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Handmade Monday 15 -Magnetic jewellery

I thought I would have a chat about magnetic Jewellery these bracelets/necklaces I make myself they are very interesting as they can be worn several different ways and co-ordinate with lots of different necklines as well as being worn as bracelets or around the ankles. When worn as a necklace you can change the shape by attaching the magnets to each other in different ways.

They are made with magnetic hematite beads which in itself is supposed to be very healthy good for the blood and for Painful arthritis etc I generally use acrylic bicones and several different types of tubular beads some are made of glass others shell and some chinese cloissone all of which look stunning
I once visited a craft fair with these and a lady tried them on, she had very severe arthritis and actually said she could feel them helping,
heres a couple of examples

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Off to Dover

Well this is a very short blog as I have not done any Crafting at all what with childeren only at school 2 days my preparation for my daughters birthday BBQ on friday and a visit to Dover to see my eldest at work crafting has definately taken a back step But please take a look at these other blogs Handmade Monday 14
Here is a picture of Dover Castle this was the view from my daughters place of work for today
and I look forward to catching up with you all next Monday xxx