Sunday, 29 May 2011

Having a sort out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week started very well with my Dolly Shed I started one end and worked my way down ,Well it is 18'x10' and I had to start some where!!!!!!

 What a mess eh??????

 I sorted through the bead shelves and cleared all the excess beads that covered the work top now it was clear I sorted through all the fabric below Its now all in colours and all my cushion inserts are all lovely and tidy. I had to empty several small red boxes full of sewing accessories and found them a new home in a lovely pink unit they were now easily accessible.
I then started on the entrance which was totally blocked up with old clothes curtains and duvet sets it was a long job but I decided to not keep too much just my denim as I really want to start making my denim bags
the cupboard was now tidy YAYYYYY!!!!!

Now the floor was clear I was actually able to hoove up all my excess fabric and beads the hoove rwas making lots of noise I can tell you but it looks really nice now and the rugs are bead and pin free!!!!!!!!!
Theres still quite a lot of sorting to do but I am very pleased with how it looks now and I even found the Disney Princess duvet I has promised my favourite 2 year old with an added bonus of a Snow White duvet set!!!!
Now was the time also to get to work on the Party bags I had promised a friend from work her daughter wanted kitty notebooks so I set about decorating 8 of them I wrote their names in Italics and was very pleased with the results I added a gel pen and a few hair accessaries then I labelled them all
''Sew'' its been an eventful week and a little crafting was achieved pop over to Handmade Monday 18 for some more delightful and creative blogs and put in a little comment as it truly makes our day thanks xxx


  1. Am very impressed by the clear up... what a great workroom, feel pea green with envy!

    Bet the girls will love their party bags, they are gorgeous!

  2. Well done on the tidy-up, I know haow hard that can be!!! The party bags look beautiful. I'm sure they'll go down really well. Thanks for taking part in HM x

  3. How much do you charge? mine needs doing as well.

    Love the bags so sweet

  4. I dont think I would like to do it again for a while Its not really quite finished either but it will do for now xx

  5. Oh you put me to shame, I desparatly need to do a clear out/ tidy up. Love the party bags, I'll keep those in mind for my daughters next birthday.
    Hugs Sue x

  6. What an inspiration! I have been trying to get things organized here, altho I don't really have a *space* (what a nice space you have!). Love what you have done. :)

  7. Well done with the 'tidy up'. I keep starting but never seem to get round to finishing!

  8. Fantastic size work space and lovely light.

  9. oh wow! how tidy! Can you come and do mine next? lol

  10. WOW - what an amazing girl shed - I want one! Love the party bags!
    Jo x

  11. What a brilliant work room! Wonder if i'd be pushing it to ask for a shed for xmas... :) The party bags look magical xx

  12. It looks a great space to work in, looking forward to seeing your denim bags.

    Jan x

  13. The bags were very well accepted not sure when I will start on the denim bags though but have another idea with some of the other things i sorted through Looking for a size 10ish Tailors dummy at the moment xxx
    Thanks for all your lovely comments guys xxx