Sunday, 5 June 2011

Half Term

Well its been an eventful Half Term I must say and I am sad to say that crafting has been the last thing on my mind!!!!!
What with several hospital appointments and a dental one time has not been on my side I did
manage to get to 100 likes on my Facebook Page kazies encaustic art so I sent off two lovely coasters to two of my fans.
The idea was to look at my coasters and think of a title and I had some fantastic suggestions
Icy Ways by Emma
Lake Inhabited by Bonnie
So the coasters went off to their new homes If you would like to check out some of the other suggestions please take a look at this album Coasters and make a few comments, I will be looking at doing another competition soon tooooo so if you like the art please keep an eye out
I also bought a great  umbrella for my garden 
Chosen by Abi for the colour gorgeous eh 
The highlight of the week though is my daughter is home from sea for a few weeks and luckily enough she flew into Southampton Airport so I am looking forward to spending some time with her shopping being her favourite thing
Dont forget all the lovely blogs on Handmade Monday 19 lots of wonderful crafters xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. The coasters are amazing! I love the colours you chose for each!

    I NEED that umbrella too - it is just too cool :)


  2. The coasters are beautiful, love the colours and designs that wax can make.

  3. The coasters are fab. Love that umbrella - hope we get the sunny weather to go with it. Enjoy your time with your daughter.

    Thanks for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  4. Love the idea of using a competition to generate names for your coasters I bet the recipients were dead chuffed, the colours are just amazing

  5. Brilliant coasters and a really lovely umbrella.
    I love the patterns the wax makes, there amazing.

    Jan x

  6. Loooooove the top coaster pic! I just love the blues and the shades. Your pictures are amazing!

  7. Well that was fun, plus I found your Face Book page to like! :)

  8. The art is gorgeous as always! That umbrella is just awesome! I want one!


  9. I got mine from the range but they were half price in tesco but I never saw pink
    Thanks for all the lovely comments xx

  10. Your coasters are stunning, and that really is one amazing umbrella x

  11. love your encaustic art! ive read about it before but ive never tried it for myself. it looks awsome, the colours, the texture, the patterns... lovely! we used to have a huge poster with some encaustic art at work. it was an underwater landscape with seaweeds and corals. beautiful form of art :)

  12. I love your coasters they are gorgeous.
    The umbrella is really great better not let my daughter see that or she will want one.
    Have a good time shopping with your daughter.

  13. Love the coasters, colours and designs are amazing! The umbrella reminds me of lazy days of summer and pink champagne!