Sunday, 6 November 2011

Halloween and xmas earrings

Pop over to  Handmade Monday 41 and check out all the lovely blogs as usual I have left it to the last minute to write mine and its 11.30pm already
Thought I would add my Halloween photos they are so cool

The children did Two each

I have also been making Christmas earrings
I have some Snowmen too but didnt get round to taking the photos
I had some great news too I now have some of my jewellery in the local curves Its great they were collecting for cancer so I donated some pink jewellery for their tombola this lead to people asking about my products and so I was asked if I wanted to display some jewellery I was really pleased and I'm taking  a few things in tomorrow Yayyyyy!!!!!

The Fair wasnt very sucessful lack of people but I did meet a lovely lady that runs an art group and she asked me if I fancied teaching some encaustic skills I was over the moon She took my number and I will be paying her a visit very soon

I wont be doing very much crafting this week as my youngest is due in hospital for a knee op and I have to get my eldest's room thats downstairs ready for her return as she probably wont be able to do the stairs for a while so have a happy week crating and I will see you all soon xxxxx