Sunday, 27 March 2011

Handmade Monday 9

Well I cant believe its been a week since the last Handmade Monday its gone very quickly anyway if you are new to my blog pop over to Unique Gifts and take a look at some fantastic blogs the link goes over to Unique Gifts who have just been to a fantastic craft fair which sounds like it was a big success
My week has been very busy I am attending a pamper evening tomorrow that I was invited to at a local school its to do with their prom coming up so I thought I would concentrate on my Fresh water Pearls
This was the First thing I made unfortunately my market manager decided she loved it so much she was taking it to the markets AGMto show it offYayyyy
 This one is Fresh Water Pearls with Turquoise
 This one is fresh Water Pearls with Swarovski Crystals
Pearls again with Rose Quartz
A few beaded items
Double rowed Pearl bracelet with a magnetic clasp
An extra bracelet
I also did a lot of very plain bracelets which I am going to display in a huge shiny shell so I was very pleased and enjoyed making them all
Another great thing that happened was even though our market was really quiet I managed to sell my geisha cushion that I made last week, a pair of earrings and an encaustic notebook that was a result because as it was lovely weather not a lot of people attended
Spent a little time in the garden too with my camera and got this great shot of my daffodils
A real sense of spring
I am also really looking forward to tomorrow I am showing my customer my latest commision shes only seen a photo but its mounted and looks great so I hope she likes it here it is unmounted
Ok so thats my week I hope you all enjoy all the extra blogs on Handmade Monday see you next week xxx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Handmade monday 8

Well thankyou  to unique gifts for this handmade monday 8 please take a look and comment on the blogs on the page they are always really inspiring xx
I have had an enjoyable week sewing making a few cushions and a lovely bag from geisha girl fabric
 This bag and cushion were very last minute pressies for my daughters friends birthday on saturday she adored them and is taking them on her trip to the Phillipines next month
Had to add these again as I love them so much a cushion and a PJ case

I also visited my lovely friend Sarah who was at Winchester craft market she cuts glass and makes the most amazing pieces We bought a lovely heart and  a butterfly which are hanging on my tree stand She also make mirrors and other interesting pieces now to get her blogging so you can all see them We had our lunch in Subway thats always our highlight my daughter always manages a foot long dont now how she never eats much normally It was a fun day out with a quick trip to the new Primark for undies etc.
This week I am going to concentrate on my jewellery I think sewing has taken over at the moment
I have some lovely fresh water pearls so hopefully will be posting the piccies this week
I also had a great trip to Ikea on Tuesday got all the cushion inserts I needed and Gill and I had a great breakfast with her gorgeous 2 year old daughter  £3 for us all including drinks with the Ikea family card BARGAIN Eh??????????????
well I think thats my week for now

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Lush Fabric

Couldn't resist these fabrics they are so lush
 An apron and some cushions
 A cushion and a PJ case
My daughter is so in to geisha and russian doll I couldnt resist these

Monday, 14 March 2011

Non crafting weekend

Pop over to check out the new blogs

My blog this week isnt about crafting its about my poorly guinea pig
The story started in November when we took our little boy piggie to  the vets in as he was scratching quite a lot and had picked up a serious case of mites from the straw
The vet said to us to be fair I'm more worried about these lumps in his tummy my daughter laughed and said could they be babies the vet checked again and said I believe they might be and about 3 weeks later she gave birth to her babies unfortunately one died and she was left with only two they were very cute
Within about 3 weeks we noticed one was growing a lot faster then the other so as they were due to be sexed we took them both to the vets
The smaller one had a small lump in her face and had to be hand fed for about 3 weeks the larger was a boy so went into a new cage by now the larger one was twice the size
Just recently it turns out that the lump was a cyst and burst it made a hole in her check so she was now on more anti-biotics and I was cleaning  her daily untill the next visit when low and behold it turns out she is a little boy he looks like a hamster compared to his brother  
  Just after birth
 before they were seperated
little and large
The smaller one has been seperated from mum now as hes a boy very cute though hoping he will grow now he can get the food

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Catch-up Tuesday

This morning i decided to catch up on a few commissions as time was limited last week
I finished varnishing my A3 Encaustic Art picture This was a commission from a lovely lady who bought two smaller paintings a few weeks ago It was a more difficult painting as it was so large compared to what I usually do but its turned out great I added a castle to this Fairy Scene and used her favourite colours
This was a piece of fabric left over from when a friend recovered a blanket
She had previously purchased amonkey cushion and asked if I could use the left overs to make a similar one
I love the crabs walking up
This is a bracelet that I restrung for my daughter thats had it on for about 6 weeks and other stretched it
with love of course so its all back to normal
I Painted this box for my youngest daughters birthday its to put the jewellery in that I made she loves Bumble Bees xx

These are the pieces that I finished off today with the lovely beads I purchased recently

That was a busy morning but at least everythings up to date now xxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 7 March 2011

Handmade Monday

I have not been busy crafting this week I'm afraid so I will add a few encaustic art pictures as I really want to join in with Handmade Monday #6
My youngest has been off school with an aching head/face and it turns out its the brace causing it but all for the better good as her teeth were causing her jaw to go towards the side ,now they are pushed forward the jaw is findind its correct position and hopefully she wont need a head-brace
Heres a few cards and keyrings 

Thursday, 3 March 2011

How it all started ??

I started making jewellery about 5 years ago because I had managed to hoard loads of seed beads after buying my eldest daughter a loom one xmas . This is when I started looking at lots of different types of beads including glass and magnetic beads I found out that the magnetic ones came in a variety of colours which I had never seen before so I started making magnetic jewellery along with lots of varieties of jewellery. I started at the Country market about 3 years ago and realised that there was lots of other crafts that I was interested in this is when I started to show an interest in Encaustic Art  (wax Painting with an iron) I had had the set for at least 4 years and taken it out of the box a few times but realised I could use it to make a start on some card designs this lead to putting the designs on notebooks coasters and framing the larger pieces I have always loved photography so for one of my big birthdays was bought a nikon D40x well this started the idea of taking great photos and putting these designs also onto cards etc. I have done a lot of travelling in and around Europe so a lot of the pictures I take are on my travels.
Unfortunately I dropped the camera on holiday so didnt take any pictures for about 6 months but I was fortunate to get  The D80 for christmas this year so will be back in the game again I love taking pictures but wouls love to have more knowledge about my camera its quite complicated
This is an amusing picture taken at the Isle of Wight Zoo recently