Thursday, 3 March 2011

How it all started ??

I started making jewellery about 5 years ago because I had managed to hoard loads of seed beads after buying my eldest daughter a loom one xmas . This is when I started looking at lots of different types of beads including glass and magnetic beads I found out that the magnetic ones came in a variety of colours which I had never seen before so I started making magnetic jewellery along with lots of varieties of jewellery. I started at the Country market about 3 years ago and realised that there was lots of other crafts that I was interested in this is when I started to show an interest in Encaustic Art  (wax Painting with an iron) I had had the set for at least 4 years and taken it out of the box a few times but realised I could use it to make a start on some card designs this lead to putting the designs on notebooks coasters and framing the larger pieces I have always loved photography so for one of my big birthdays was bought a nikon D40x well this started the idea of taking great photos and putting these designs also onto cards etc. I have done a lot of travelling in and around Europe so a lot of the pictures I take are on my travels.
Unfortunately I dropped the camera on holiday so didnt take any pictures for about 6 months but I was fortunate to get  The D80 for christmas this year so will be back in the game again I love taking pictures but wouls love to have more knowledge about my camera its quite complicated
This is an amusing picture taken at the Isle of Wight Zoo recently


  1. That sound like I could have written it...all of my crafting seems to lead on to another and then another LOL
    Beautiful Tiger!
    I 'll come back again to see what you've written next time.

  2. Thanks Rachael I checked out your knitting and its great
    I do a little knitting but only the little hats for the smoothies from innocence we do it as a company and they donate to age concern
    I thought I could get into it but found the written instructions a bit complicated
    A friend shows me all the basics but I find I'm very slow lol
    Thanks for taking a look at my blog I will check out handmade Monday in more detail tooo