Sunday, 31 July 2011

Handmade Monday 27

Hi all welcome to Handmade Monday 27 so sorry I never had time to participate last  week cant really remember why Must be an age thing, any way pop over and see the other blogs as we all love the comments you make xx
Anyway I was at the tabletops craft fair last Saturday and to say it was quiet was an understatement but I have to say the people that did turn up really enjoyed my demos with the encaustic art
I wish I had taken some photos but the church photographer did so hopefully I will be able to get some copies I did some unusual pictures tried out my coloured card and spoke to a lot of people that were interesed in the way the pictures turned out hopefully they will be back for some xmas pressie ideas

Have had a few hospital trips with the youngest and they still cant tell me what is wrong with her knee or how its happened had an ultra sound which they are comparing to the MRI so hopefully will have some more news at the next appointment

On a more positive note I sold a couple of necklaces at the Winchester Country Market on Friday which considering the few cards that were sold too were the only craft items to go so  that was a good day. One was a magnetic in black and white the other a glass cats eye in a beautiful green colour
Heres my display very carefully laid out as little is more no clutter

I havent made very much this week as its now the summer hols and have a lot more pessing things to do but I acquired a stool that I covered from my middle daughters room a long time ago (she has decided she doesnt want it anymore) that I am planning to recover this week just trying to decide on the fabric

Im blogging today while my I-phone is backing up as it loses power badly charges all night then its dead again by lunchtime its so frustarting anyway they said send it back and they would look at so hopefully it will work better when I get it back  seems to be taking ages so Im off to check out the other blogs xxx

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Its that time again..........................................................

Handmade Monday Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy  so pop over to all the amazing blogs on Wendys page and make some comments as we love comments <3 <3
This week I had an order for a flowery bag it was from a lovely young lady who is training in hairdresssing, she styled my daughters hair for her prom and she looked amazing so I said as a thank you to have a look at my hand made items to see if there was anything she liked I was already planning on making a sort of hairdressing roll for her (somewhere to store her brushes and scissors etc) but she said she would like a bag
Here are the finished items

I delivered them on Thursday and she was very pleased the fabric was lovely and very summery xxx

My eldset Daughter flew out to Vancouver this week so the house is feeling empty and quiet again and this week will be even more quiet as the middle daughter goes off to cadet camp.seems like I may have some time on my hands???? which is just as well as I am going to a local craft fair called Tabletops where I will be demonstrating my encaustic art I am hoping that people will enjoy watching and maybe buy some paintings so I have a lot of things to pack and organise
What  a rainy wekend it has been I got a really cool photo yesterday of a beautiful rainbow

 notice in the 2nd picture you can see a double rainbow it was stunning and the last one was cool as you could nearly see both ends I LOVE RAINBOWS XXXX
 See you all next week hoping to fill you in on the craft fair xx

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Handmade Monday 24

This week After the big sort out in my shed a few weeks ago I decided to use up a few things that have been hanging around for a while, these were bags I had bought to decorate so I decided to decorate them with felt flowers and buttons I also made some very cute brooches

They actually took longer to decorate then some of the bags I have made mainly because my eyesight is fading and I seem to have problems threading the needles I had to keep stepping out into the natural light just to see the eyes of the needle
I had been noticing this strange thing since turning 40 problems with threading needles and reading the labels on some packaging my eyesight seems to be failing and I am reluctant to get reading glasses as its most common in the evenings when I am tired luckily for me my sewing machine does it itself otherwise I know I would have to resort to this measure sooner rather than later
Had an awesome day at Gunwharf Quays on friday Cant believe it was the first time I had entered a Cath Kidson shop got some lovely fabric at half the marked price so I am thinking about what to make with it not sure yet??
Also thought I would add a picture of my sofa and its new cushions (the ones in the centre) they are made out of some delicious sari fabric I picked up in Leicester last year
Now it is time for you to pop over to Wendys blog and read all the over amazing blogs on Handmade Monday 24

I would also like to thank Anna from Puppyfly Boutique for nominating me for One lovely blog Award  I am getting it together to write a post on this soon Thank You  xxxxx

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Alton Show

Have been making a few things this week including starting my new clock I was inspired when I found a round canvas and just couldnt find a clock I liked heres the canvas
Its been painted with wax and then Lacqered, just need to find some hands for it now and put some symbols on for the numbers any ideas at all?
I also had a commission for a pearly type necklace with the letter N on it here it is

Do you like my new stand it was for taking photos of children clothes but I think it lends itself well to Jewellery display so I may retake some of my photos this week
Today we went to the Alton show it was very interesting lots of animals and crafts about
Here are a few animal pictures taken at the show

The girls rolled their own candles in the bee keeping tent it was very easy and made a lovely souvenir
after which we went into the craft tent where I met a couple of lovely crafters we bought a lovely tortoise pin cushion that has elastic on it so you can have it on your arm from these lovely ladies they also do courses in curtain making  here is their lovely stall

Here is the tortoise
I also bought these lovely glass items from Tracey Wilson she has no website but will be at The Aresford show in September here is her lovely stall she packed the items so beautifully tooo

A cute litlle angel with a bee on it and a gorgeously painted jelly-bean bowl
Heres my daughter with her things

It was a lovely day and hope to be returning next year Please take a look at Handmade Monday 23
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