Sunday, 10 July 2011

Handmade Monday 24

This week After the big sort out in my shed a few weeks ago I decided to use up a few things that have been hanging around for a while, these were bags I had bought to decorate so I decided to decorate them with felt flowers and buttons I also made some very cute brooches

They actually took longer to decorate then some of the bags I have made mainly because my eyesight is fading and I seem to have problems threading the needles I had to keep stepping out into the natural light just to see the eyes of the needle
I had been noticing this strange thing since turning 40 problems with threading needles and reading the labels on some packaging my eyesight seems to be failing and I am reluctant to get reading glasses as its most common in the evenings when I am tired luckily for me my sewing machine does it itself otherwise I know I would have to resort to this measure sooner rather than later
Had an awesome day at Gunwharf Quays on friday Cant believe it was the first time I had entered a Cath Kidson shop got some lovely fabric at half the marked price so I am thinking about what to make with it not sure yet??
Also thought I would add a picture of my sofa and its new cushions (the ones in the centre) they are made out of some delicious sari fabric I picked up in Leicester last year
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I would also like to thank Anna from Puppyfly Boutique for nominating me for One lovely blog Award  I am getting it together to write a post on this soon Thank You  xxxxx


  1. I know exactly how you feel with your eyesight. I have just relented and bought myself reading glasses just to thread needles and sewing.
    The bags look fab, amazing how the addition of flowers always works wonders!

  2. Love those cushions - the colours are amazing. Don't put off getting reading glasses if you need them otherwise you will strain your eyes and end up with bad headaches.

    You can get some non-prescription ones if your eyes aren't too bad from places like Boots and M&S which aren't too expensive. Hubby and my brother both have some and they love them.

    Ali x

  3. You've been so busy! I'm noticing my eyes too

  4. I got to 50 without glasses. Just sometimes find that I'm trying to thread the sharp end of the needle!!! (No kidding)! Gunwharf is great, haven't been for ages. Lovely embellishments on bags.

  5. Those flowers are so pretty, if you don't fancy glasses just get a magnifying stand and light.

  6. My eyesight has gone, along with other parts of my body, downhill all the way from now on, lol. Love your creations this week and too love CK fabric

  7. Self-threading needles are great - except I can't see which end I should be threading sometimes. I hate getting older!
    The bags are lovely! x

  8. Thanks for your lovely comments again folks the joys of getting plder eh??? yes wendy I tried the sef threading too some are not thin enough to go through beads though the beading needles are the worse to thread Maybe try a daylight bulb and a magnifying stand though that sounds like a good idea xxx

  9. Felt and buttons, two of my favourite things and you've used them beautifully to embellish the bags and to make your brooches

  10. I wouldn't feel bad about glasses, everyone has them these days - half of the 10 year olds I teach do. I blame computers... Love your flowers, very summery xx