Sunday, 17 July 2011

Its that time again..........................................................

Handmade Monday Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy  so pop over to all the amazing blogs on Wendys page and make some comments as we love comments <3 <3
This week I had an order for a flowery bag it was from a lovely young lady who is training in hairdresssing, she styled my daughters hair for her prom and she looked amazing so I said as a thank you to have a look at my hand made items to see if there was anything she liked I was already planning on making a sort of hairdressing roll for her (somewhere to store her brushes and scissors etc) but she said she would like a bag
Here are the finished items

I delivered them on Thursday and she was very pleased the fabric was lovely and very summery xxx

My eldset Daughter flew out to Vancouver this week so the house is feeling empty and quiet again and this week will be even more quiet as the middle daughter goes off to cadet camp.seems like I may have some time on my hands???? which is just as well as I am going to a local craft fair called Tabletops where I will be demonstrating my encaustic art I am hoping that people will enjoy watching and maybe buy some paintings so I have a lot of things to pack and organise
What  a rainy wekend it has been I got a really cool photo yesterday of a beautiful rainbow

 notice in the 2nd picture you can see a double rainbow it was stunning and the last one was cool as you could nearly see both ends I LOVE RAINBOWS XXXX
 See you all next week hoping to fill you in on the craft fair xx


  1. Lovely summery makes - and love the rainbow pics!

  2. Your makes are lovely it's a shame our summer isn't so summery. Though I too love a rainbow and for that we need the rain!

  3. Hello the bag and roll are lovely. I am sure she was very pleased and the best thing is hers are unique. I agree about the eyesight thing. I am ah hem past 40 and found my eyesight going needles are a nightmare and cooking was by experience and not the instructions on the packet lol but it does come to us all and I have had to go and have my eyes checked and have glasses although only a slight prescription. I was told wait for it "its your age". I really didn't think I was really old I still think I'm young at 45 although people haven't started to stand up to let me sit on the bus yet - mainly because I don't use them lol!!

  4. thanks for your comments I think the pouch is unique too hoping she will show it off so I can make some more at least the machine threads the needle for more to make these lol

  5. Did you find the pots of gold? beautiful pictures love rainbows and your bags look so cute and not surprised they were well received.

  6. Before you know it you'll have a queue of hairdressers at your door. Thats the best thing about crafting being able to personalise a gift so well

  7. Love the rainbow photos, and the bag is very summery.

  8. What a lovely gift for a hairdresser.

    Great photos of the rainbow - especially the last one. If you have seen my blog today, you will know that rainbows are high on my list too

    Ali x

  9. The poctures of the rainbows are lovely, and i really like that summery fabric too.

  10. It's good to be able to use your crafting skills as a thank you, I hope more work comes from it. Rainbows always make people smile, I love them.

    Jan x