Sunday, 31 July 2011

Handmade Monday 27

Hi all welcome to Handmade Monday 27 so sorry I never had time to participate last  week cant really remember why Must be an age thing, any way pop over and see the other blogs as we all love the comments you make xx
Anyway I was at the tabletops craft fair last Saturday and to say it was quiet was an understatement but I have to say the people that did turn up really enjoyed my demos with the encaustic art
I wish I had taken some photos but the church photographer did so hopefully I will be able to get some copies I did some unusual pictures tried out my coloured card and spoke to a lot of people that were interesed in the way the pictures turned out hopefully they will be back for some xmas pressie ideas

Have had a few hospital trips with the youngest and they still cant tell me what is wrong with her knee or how its happened had an ultra sound which they are comparing to the MRI so hopefully will have some more news at the next appointment

On a more positive note I sold a couple of necklaces at the Winchester Country Market on Friday which considering the few cards that were sold too were the only craft items to go so  that was a good day. One was a magnetic in black and white the other a glass cats eye in a beautiful green colour
Heres my display very carefully laid out as little is more no clutter

I havent made very much this week as its now the summer hols and have a lot more pessing things to do but I acquired a stool that I covered from my middle daughters room a long time ago (she has decided she doesnt want it anymore) that I am planning to recover this week just trying to decide on the fabric

Im blogging today while my I-phone is backing up as it loses power badly charges all night then its dead again by lunchtime its so frustarting anyway they said send it back and they would look at so hopefully it will work better when I get it back  seems to be taking ages so Im off to check out the other blogs xxx


  1. It's sometimes hard to know at first which craft fairs are going to be worthwhile, but at least your demos went down well! Love those geisha designs x

  2. Hope that you get some positive news about your little 'uns knee soon. Well done on the sales that you did make, this time of year is always a bit hit and miss but keep on because it will pay off :)

  3. Congratulations on the sales, we all need this from time to time, more would be nice. Hope you sort littun's knew, have a good week.

  4. I'm impressed by the number of different crafts you can do!

  5. You have such a variety, and with a family to keep track of also. I hope they get your daughter's knee in working order. Your table looks great, and glad to hear the demos went well.

  6. The summer holidays are a busy time for families, so much to do and so little time. I'm glad your demo went well, hopefully you can get some pic's.

    Good luck with your daughters knee.

    Jan x

  7. Lovely work and congratulations on the sales. I love watching encaustic art in action so I am sure it will have generated some interest and people will be back to buy from you.

    Good luck with getting your daughter's knee problem diagnosed & sorted out.

    Ali x

  8. Looks like a fascinating demo, well done for selling your bits and I hope you get you daughters knee sorted out soon

  9. Lovely to see a demo at fairs. It's not a great time of year for sales, come September things should turn round

  10. Well done on the sales :)
    I hope your daughters knee gets sorted soon, must be very frustrating.
    I have the same problem with my phone but I'm never off it!


  11. I just wanted to comment your blog and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here.
    It was very informative!!!!

  12. thank you I have been a bit busy in the hols but will be starting again soon xx