Monday, 12 September 2011

Yayyyyyyyyyyy kids back to school BLOG time

Wow the holidays seem to go on for ages this year
I love the lie ins but my 11 year old with the bad knee is feeling very bored and lonely without her sisters (one is in Alaska the other working every hour saving to go to uni) so its up to me to lay on the entertainment which is not as easy as it used to be when she was younger
Soooo craft well I have to say I have been looking at rather than doing it but we did manage to make some russian doll pin cushions these were in a kit for my daughters birthday I tried to find them today to take photo but they are well hidden in her bedroom next week maybe
We went away to Scotland and I came across this shop
It was a cute little place and next door was another art shop I picked up a great book with lots of ideas and some cupcake shaped cookie cutters
The photos came out well
 Traditional Thistle
The bridge from the Harry Potter films
It was a lovely week away wet but very green

We had some great exam results too the only complaint was 1xB how shocking lol (her words not mine )
It was also her 17th birthday so we had a lovely BBQ full of home-made cupcakes and mini pavlovas

This cake is a giant Oreo cookie
I have done a little sewing this weekend a couple of orders
 Spongebob bag
Spongebob Cushion
And heres a few cards I am in the middle of

So I guess I had better get back to the painting dont forget to pop over to Wendys Page Handmade Monday and make some comments on the other blogs I am off out again for a hospital App so I will be checking them out this evening


  1. Love those cakes, I want one or a few. A good week by the looks of it

  2. What a great looking cake! It looks as if you've been busy. I'm sorry your daughter is bored, I know how difficult it can be to entertain them. :(

  3. Well you have been busy!! School holidays sometimes seem never ending!

  4. Looks like a busy time! Those cakes look fab x

  5. Excellent - Sponge Bob. Love it. Can't believe how busy you've been. The cakes look good, but the painting looks even better. Have a fun week crafting!

  6. The cake looks fab - you are multi-talented! I can sympathise with a poorly daughter so deep breath and then shout for jpy as she's back at school (and thank whoever invented calpol!!).
    Jo x