Sunday, 3 July 2011

Alton Show

Have been making a few things this week including starting my new clock I was inspired when I found a round canvas and just couldnt find a clock I liked heres the canvas
Its been painted with wax and then Lacqered, just need to find some hands for it now and put some symbols on for the numbers any ideas at all?
I also had a commission for a pearly type necklace with the letter N on it here it is

Do you like my new stand it was for taking photos of children clothes but I think it lends itself well to Jewellery display so I may retake some of my photos this week
Today we went to the Alton show it was very interesting lots of animals and crafts about
Here are a few animal pictures taken at the show

The girls rolled their own candles in the bee keeping tent it was very easy and made a lovely souvenir
after which we went into the craft tent where I met a couple of lovely crafters we bought a lovely tortoise pin cushion that has elastic on it so you can have it on your arm from these lovely ladies they also do courses in curtain making  here is their lovely stall

Here is the tortoise
I also bought these lovely glass items from Tracey Wilson she has no website but will be at The Aresford show in September here is her lovely stall she packed the items so beautifully tooo

A cute litlle angel with a bee on it and a gorgeously painted jelly-bean bowl
Heres my daughter with her things

It was a lovely day and hope to be returning next year Please take a look at Handmade Monday 23
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  1. Looks like it was a great day out. Try for clock numbers as well as movements. Or maybe use buttons?

  2. I love the canvas, that will be great as a clock. I enjoyed reading about your day out too :)

  3. What a wonderful day you had and all those goodies. Used to live in Alton and now only 7 miles away but always forget about visiting the show, maybe next year

  4. Looks like a great fair. Forget the clock just paint 2 more round canvas' like this one and display them on a white wall. It's lovely.

  5. The canvas will make a lovely clock face. Good to hear you had a great day at the fair.

  6. What a lovely day out and such cute buys too. Perhaps get some wooden numbers and paint them for the clock?

  7. wooden nos sound quite a good idea I was thinking of roman numerals prob just 12 3 6 and 9
    Thanks for the ideas I may do some more canvasses too although becuse of the surface being rough rather than smooth its harder to maneuver the wax xx

  8. I love the tortoise! He needs a name.

    Looks like you had a lovely day.

    As for clock hands - I just buy mine off of ebay. A shame but truth lol

  9. Looks like a fun fair - I love the ones with animals as well.

    I think some large, flat back pearls or crystals for the 12-3-6-9 number places on the clock would look lovely against the background.

    Ali x

  10. Looking forward to seeing the finished clock!

  11. Canvas looks nice, look forward to seeing it completed. Alton show looked interesting and you bagged a couple of bargains, good day all round.