Monday, 14 March 2011

Non crafting weekend

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My blog this week isnt about crafting its about my poorly guinea pig
The story started in November when we took our little boy piggie to  the vets in as he was scratching quite a lot and had picked up a serious case of mites from the straw
The vet said to us to be fair I'm more worried about these lumps in his tummy my daughter laughed and said could they be babies the vet checked again and said I believe they might be and about 3 weeks later she gave birth to her babies unfortunately one died and she was left with only two they were very cute
Within about 3 weeks we noticed one was growing a lot faster then the other so as they were due to be sexed we took them both to the vets
The smaller one had a small lump in her face and had to be hand fed for about 3 weeks the larger was a boy so went into a new cage by now the larger one was twice the size
Just recently it turns out that the lump was a cyst and burst it made a hole in her check so she was now on more anti-biotics and I was cleaning  her daily untill the next visit when low and behold it turns out she is a little boy he looks like a hamster compared to his brother  
  Just after birth
 before they were seperated
little and large
The smaller one has been seperated from mum now as hes a boy very cute though hoping he will grow now he can get the food


  1. Guinea pigs are one of my favourite animals so enjoyed your post. About 3 years ago we ended up with 14 in our garden and had a massive pen seperating boys from girls. Everyone used to laugh at me chopping up tons of fresh veg every night for my babies! I love the way they squeal.
    Mites, unfortunately, are a big problem.

  2. They are so sweet, are you going to keep them both?

  3. Oh they are so gorgeous! Guinea pigs are also one of my favourite animals, the noises they make are so cute!!

    Your post reminds me of years back when we had pet rats & one had an operation to have a lump removed. The vet made her a little collar to stop her chewing her stitches - like one of those lampshade things dogs have - but it was made from a plastic pop bottle! She still kept chewing them & we returned time and again to have her re-stitched (it cost a fortune!)

    Thanks for taking part in HM - I enjoyed your post! xx

  4. Ooh guinea pigs...adorable! yours are such pretty colours. Sounds as if you are doing a first class job of caring for them and looking after the poorly one.
    We too had a LOT (21) guinea pigs when I was growing up,yes 21 all at one time! One little one was born without eyes but we kept him in a separate pen with just one other GP for company and he (Wellington) lived to be a good age.

  5. Ah I have 2, they're boys so no babies for us!!
    I love their noises and they've now learnt dinner time and start calling for it!

    Kimberley x

  6. Aww bless. I hate it when animals get ill. They can't tell us how they feel so I end up fretting over them. Glad to hear it has a happy ending though. My OH keeps asking for a little piggy, but we already have two cats, a hamster and a rabbit that is controlled by evil forces so the answer is no for now ;)

  7. They are cute we have Five other girls who live all together in a large cage and two boys we will keep the poorly one may house the other not sure yet hes so cute and unlike a guinea mad as a hatter he even turns his bowl upside down and runs around like a mad thing hes been nick-named rattikins
    They are very noisy and always hungry we did plan on giving the babies away but it never happened they are too cute
    Wow 21 thats alot I would love that many but my other half cleans the hutches he wouldn't be too impressed with many more as we also have five rabbits xxx

  8. They are adorable!!! Was the smaller one just not growing because he couldn't get to the food then? Hopefully now he will soon sprout up. Keep up the good work, you are doing a fab job of looking after them. we have a fluffy house rabbit and a gerbil :) xx

  9. Nohe wasnt able to eat the food properly because he had a cyst in his cheek I was chopping up grapes for him and still do hes spoilt rotton as hes so small Im hoping he will grow a bit more not sure though will have to wait and see hes so cute I have to bath him once a week as his food comes out his cheek at the moment and dribbles down him hes a bit stinky otherwise the picture above is when i bathed him because he drools his neck gets sore too so have to wash it in salt water everyday and dry him off hes a funny fellow thats for sure xx

  10. AAAAAAwww, sob, sob! What we do for our animals. A few years ago we took my daughter's hamster to the vet and it cost us £70 in vet's bill's and died 2 day's later (The hamster only cost us £12 when we bought it!) I don't think my girl's would have forgiven me if I didn't do all I could!!! Hope all goes ok with them (they're so cute!!)
    Rebecca xxxx