Sunday, 22 May 2011

Handmade Monday 17

I am joining in today but I have to say I haven't made anything this week at all. On tuesday I enjoyed looking after my lovely friends daughter she is 2 and an absolute dream to look after she made me remember my training all those years ago and I realised thats what I would like to do again Thankyou gorgeous!!!! Then wednesday was another hospital trip for my youngests knee not bad news but not good either now to wait for the next appointment

I attended the Winchester Country Market on Friday morning and was very pleased as I sold a few items 
including the set above (acrylic pink rectangles and blue glass cats eyes) and the necklace below  (fresh water pearls and swarovski crystals
Yesterday I had a lovely trip to Dover again to see my beautiful daughter who now only has two more weeks before she comes home for a month so that was the best news of the week I can't wait.
This week I am planning a big sort out in my workshop now theres a feat I cant say I'm going to enjoy too much but its been on my to do list for ages I'll try do some before and after pics if I get a chance
Before I go please take a look at Handmade Monday 17 over at Unique Gifts and check out the amazing blogs some very talented people xxxx


  1. Love the pink and blue together. Good luck with the sort out! Thanks for taking part in HM x

  2. Good to hear you'd made some sales :) The fresh water pearls are lovely :)

  3. Lovely jewellery, not surprized it sold well.
    Hugs Sue x

  4. Well done on your sales, makes it all worthwhile.

    What is about May and sorting out? happening everywhere, good luck still have mine to do.

    Thank you for visiting my blog the mount cutting tools are a case of buy the best, makes the job much easier.

  5. Your jewellery is lovely. I love the blue & pink, it is the same colours as some of your Encaustic Art, I'm not surprised you had some sales. Good luck on your sort out.

    Jan x

  6. Congratulations on the sales & good luck with the clear out (must get around to doing one myself sometime!!)

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  7. Think positive -BRING ON THE SORT OUT! ;)

    Nice purple shaded necklace set by the way. Very summery and vibrant.

  8. Just seen your FB comment about your comments on my blog - I found two of your comments in my spam folder so have unspammed them. If it happens again, please do email me and I'll sort it out straight away. Hopefully it should recognise you as genuine now! There are over 2000 spam comments in there at the moment and it's so easy to disappear among them! Sorry about that x

  9. Well done on your sales, I love your jewellery abd can see why it's popular.
    I'm in the process of sorting out my craft room too as you can see in my blog I still have a way to go.
    It's a nightmare to start with but it feels so good once I had found places for everything. I now know where everything is so my crafting should go a lot quicker. Not sure how long it will last I'm not a naturally tidy person lol!

  10. Ha Ha i'm another that's been having a sort out too this week, there must be something in the air!!
    jewellery looks fab, glad you had some sales

  11. Love the blue and pink set - not surprised it sold!

  12. I love the freshwater pearls and the pattern of threes, very nice. :)

  13. the pink and blue works so well and I love the shapes of those rectangle beads.


  14. thanks for all your lovely comments again xxxxx