Sunday, 2 October 2011

Very Slow Crafting Week

This week has been very slow for crafting as I have been Knitting I finished off a couple of scarfs and started on a cushion cover for my daughters new room
The scarves have been taking me ages I have been using double knit wool doubled up on size 8mm needles I have made several in the last few weeks learning a bit more each time
The 1st was green and purple this was knit all the way through but in sections only knitting with one ball to get the stripes inbetween the mixed wool This worked out ok but the stripes were on different sides all the way through
The 2nd was yellow and black this turned out better as I was more aware of where to do the stripes they were all on the same side
3rd was cerise pink with a mixed wool this turned out great as it just had cerise stripe all the way through
4th was a mixed wool but a lot thicker this one I  had unpicked as I had done it in stocking stitch and it was very curly I was told if I did all knit it would lay flat this worked really well as I was also taught spider stitch which is wrapping both needles then one as I go along
5th was turquoise wool with the mixed wool again I did this one with the spider stitch too and gave it to my great friend for her birthday apparently it got stolen as soon as she got home by her son who thought it was lovely and soft
My new attemp is the cushion cover I will  do the same stitch but wider this was done in lime green and the mixed wool Its still in progress

This is not a very good photo but hopefully you get the gist of it
Now pop over to Wendys blog on Handmade Monday  and check out what everybody else has been doing this week and if you have timne write a little comment
Thanks and I will see you again next week xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. So good to finish off projects and clear the decks, the wool looks lovely

  2. That is a lot of knitting you have been doing! The wool in the pic is lovely. :)

  3. I know what you mean about slow weeks craft-wise - some are like that. The colours of the wool look lovely.


  4. That sounds like a lot of knitting!

  5. I like the colors in the piece you showed the photo of. And yes, I know what you mean about slow weeks. I had a whole bad month. Sometimes it's just like that.

  6. Oooooh the black and yellow sounds cool. And what one earth is spider stitch :D Sounds painful...if slightly fun. Love the colours of the yarn in the piccy.

  7. Great to hear that you are designing your own scarves... there is something really satisfying when you know it is all your own work. Well done!

  8. spider stitch I'm told is once around both needles before normal knit stitch xxx

  9. I love stripy scarves, especially bright colours to brighten up a dull day.

    Jan x