Sunday, 30 October 2011

Half Term

This week has been very hectic as usual
The first thing you need to do is go and check out Handmade Monday on Wendys blog so many fascinating people making some amazing things!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have managed to get to curves three times which is very good considering but haven't done a lot of crafting
We managed to paint some glass plates which looked amazing and Abi did a lovely picture using acrylic paint
We also had to buy this beautiful giant bunny whos name is now Shrek he is so cute he has been living in my conservatory since Tuesday but we have built a new giant run which is just finished so I will get some more pictures for next week xxx
The only crafting I managed to do are these draught excluders for a friend I was quite please with them I made them so the cover was tied on this means it can be removed to wash when necessary

I thought I would also take a lovely picture of my wood burner its the first time its been on this year and looks lovely
and my beautiful Christmas cactus as I know most of us have started crafting for Christmas
Thank you for reading and I will see you next monday I have a craft Fair coming up on wednesday so I need to get sewing as I have some gorgeous new cup-cake fabric xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. The glass plates are very pretty and the bunny is adorable. Draught excluders are a good idea too, practical and nice looking. x

  2. Shrek is gorgeous and I think he will be a great inspiration for your crafting. Your glass plates are lovely, especially the one on the left hand side of your picture. Good luck with your craft fair - I also have one on Wednesday, so we can compare notes next week. Many thanks for your lovely comment on my post.

  3. The glass plates are lovely. Just coming to the time of year when draught excluders are a must! Shrek looks very contented Mich :)

  4. Gorgeous rabbit - so cute. Lovely plates & draught excluder very practical and pretty too.

  5. I"m laughing about a bunny named Shrek! I don't know why but that's very funny. :) But he's very cute. I had bunnies when I was a kid and they are very sweet pets (except when they don't want you to hold them!) He's lovely.
    the glass plates are really nice, is that hard to do? And the draught excluders are such a good idea. I have one door that really does let air pour thru and I keep thinking that wold be a good idea.

  6. Shrek is so cute and I love your Christmas cast us too. Lovely painting you have made.

  7. Shrek is a large lop eared bunny hes only 5 months old and nearly fills an indoor cage when laying down hes now settled in his larger house and run in the garden it was my 12 year olds choice for the name lol
    The draught excluders were quite east to make harder to stuff really I just made the inner 1st then just made a tube of fabric and tied the ends with ribbon xxxx

  8. Shrek looks like he wouldn't take any nonsense, sitting there looking all gorgeous and fluffy. Love your draught excluders such a good idea and useful too. Looks like you had lots of fun with those glass plates.

  9. I love Shrek - I hope he's going to be a free range bunny! Your draught excluders are great and having a washable cover - simple and brilliant idea.
    Jo x

  10. Shrek looks so cute and cuddly, I wanted to stroke the screen!

    Your glass plates and draught excluders are really lovely - I particularly like the dolphin fabric.

    Ali x

  11. good luck with the craft fair. Lovely bunny.

  12. I'm doing some draught excluders at the moment, it's that time of year. The wood burner looks cosy, just a glass of mulled wine and we're nearly there.

    Jan x

  13. Christmas cacti looks gorgeous all out in flower. Haven't seen that colour before. Shrek looks adorable. Hugs Mrs A.

  14. well done on your glass plates. i can see some good art on them :)
    oh the rabbit is dead cute! i love rabbits. i hope its all ok and healthy, enjoying its new home