Monday, 7 May 2012

My new pictures

Its been a while since I have blogged so I thought I would start with the link to  Handmade Monday

These are the pictures I have been designing yesterday and Painting today. The 1st thing to do is stamp the silhouette onto the shiny card with a permanent black ink then the painting is done around the stamps
I have had a busy week lots of networking and baking cakes Had a lot of fun though
I have also secured a venue for the encaustic workshops Its going to be at Bursleden Brickworks in a beautiful little cottage the sessions are going to run during term time in sets of 5 weeks really looking forward to them They will start with a beginners guide to encaustic working up to using the iron then the stylus then lots of rubber stamping and working with fabric
Hope I get the time to do a blog next week may need a little poke from one of you so se you next week xxxx


  1. They are beautiful, well done on your networking often who you know not what

  2. They're lovely - really effective. Welcome back! x

  3. Thank you Caroline and Wendy Hoping to be a bit more of a regular blogger time is of the essence as usual probably need a nudge lo xxx

  4. Good to see uou back in the land of blogging :) I love the ethereal quality you bring to your work, it is simply gorgeous :)

  5. The dragons are fabulous! Love the cards. Have a good week-end.