Sunday, 13 May 2012

Handmade Monday 66

Well I have to say I haven't had a very crafty week been running around all over the place what with commitee meetings orthadontist appointments and visiting a few people its been very hectic.
My lovely middle daughter went back off to College today after 4 months of working on a ship up in Scotland so we have been busy packing and shopping for last minute essentails, boy can that girl shop!!!!!!!
My eldest is 20 tomorrow so its the last day of having three teenage daughters around it lasted 10 days as the youngest turned 13 on the 4th May. Feels very strange knowing shes not a teenager any more and makes me feel ancient. Funny also how shes dreading it and shes still so young, feels only like yesterday that she was crawling  about the floor with no real voice, now shes off travelling the world and could talk the hind legs off of a donkey!!!!!
Well back to the crafting mode don't forget to pop over to Wendys blog on Handmade Harbour This is a new page full of lots of ideas Wendy has made it very interesting with guest blogging and featured crafters you can leave your link and hopefully get lots of visitors to your own blog too. If you do pop over dont forget to write a little something as it makes our days to read lovely comments.

I have been visiting a place called the Hexagon centre this is where I help the clients with their beading, I have been making magnetic bracelets with them which they love as they are just simple beading tecniques
Here are a few pictures of the sort of thing we made

The clients made different colours but very similar
I also have been sorting out some workshops for my encaustic art I arranged them in 5 week courses and sent out the emails I am charging £70 for a 5 week course this is learning different tecniques with the iron to produce some lovely pictures. I am still awaiting replies but I'm wondering now whether maybe I should have chosen just morning or afternoon short workshops I suppose time will tell if you have ever run workshops I would appreciate any comments or opinions you have as this is my 1st time
Here are a few pictures of my work

 These top 2 are A3 in size mounted in A2 frames
 This is 6''x4'' mounted in 7''x5''

 These 2 are 5''x7'' mounted in 8''x6''
 This one is A4 mounted in a A3 frame
This last one is 5''x7'' in a A4 mount
These are the sort of thing that you can produce from painting with wax and of course no two pictures will ever be the same
Look forward to any comments you may have. Have a great week xxxx


  1. Children grow up so quickly, don't they? The magentic bracelts look lovely. Your encaustic art is gorgeous - good luck with the course x

  2. Your braclet and artwork are wonderful, good luck with yor course

  3. Wow! i love the bracelets and the artwork is just amazing. I hope that your course does work out. If it doesn't you will have learnt something useful so all is not lost! Have a good week :)

  4. Time just seems to fly once children go to high school - that's what I found. The artwork is amazing and the bracelets are lovely too. Have a great week and hope you don't miss your daughter too much. Mich x

  5. Love the magnetic bracelets and always a fan of your encaustic art, thank you for visiting my blog and have a good week

  6. Your caustic art is so lovely. gorgeous bracelets too - I love the colours. Hope you have a good week.

  7. I think that the last picture is great, just love the heather tones... encaustic is something I have always wanted to try, you may just have spurred me on :)

  8. The magnetic bracelets are fab,I always end up playing with the one I have :)
    Love the artwork, really unusual.

  9. Your work is so beautiful, I always love to look at what you are doing.
    I also loved hearing about your daughters. I have 3 boys, quite a bit older than your girls, but I know what you mean. My last one turned thirty a couple of years ago and it was quite a jolt to me, because to be honest, it seems like not long ago they were all small, running around the house, getting into things, and to be honest, we were making crafts! Funny how fast time goes by. :)

  10. Wow I love the shimmer to your pictures they look gorgeous! Sounds like you are teaching a lovely craft to your clients too, I bet they really enjoy it! X

  11. Love the colours of the bracelets and I'm really impressed with the encaustic artwork-it looks great.

  12. Thanks for all your lovely comments xx