Friday, 28 January 2011

Todays Market

Hi now this is the first time I have tried blogging
Todays market was very quiet but I had a lot of feed back from my new paintings
Also john my friend the woodturner /photographer recreated a page for me advertising my Encaustic Art it was really nice.
A lovely lady came in with a broken necklace too for me to restring it was made of lovely rose-quartz so thats something to keep me busy this week.


  1. Hi Karen
    Welcome to the world of blogging. You picked the same background as me, good taste!
    Jayne xx

  2. im having issues at the moment trying to add it to facebook getting confused blogger is an app that i added to my page but then i cant see it ????

  3. The blogger app on facebook has got some pretty poor reviews, I've just listed my blog on facebook as my website, you seem to have all the links set up on you blog ok. X

  4. It wasnt very good i deleted it they wanted you to pay for it xxwill try add yours to mine watch this space lol

  5. hi karen.glad you had a good market.
    thank you for commenting on my blog.
    to get my blogg links on my face book wall i have to copy the link at the top of the screen and then add it as a link on the comment box on face far it has worked for me

  6. ok thanks thats what I did in the end just thought the app might work but it didnt x