Monday, 31 January 2011

Happy Mondays

Today has been a busy day. A trip to get my hair coloured and my babys haircut before she ventures off to the Caribbean for a few months and shopping to get all the last minute essentials I expect there will be one more trip before saturday!!!!! knowing Kayleigh!!!!!!!
 It was our last lunch togetheer so we ventured off to Frankie and Bennies and enjoyed a grand pizza and fish and chips followed by brownies for Kayleigh it was fun I enjoyed chatting to her about allsorts of things.

 So now I was home it was time to think of the business again, as it happened I had a nice email offering me reduced priced business cards so I thought strike while the irons hot and uploaded my logo, £2.99 turned into over £12 by the time they added postage but I went with it knowing that I had produced a card that would last a while so now I just have to wait on the post.
In the mean time my mounts had arrived from ebay for my encaustic art pictures
Whats encustic art I hear you say??? Well its painting with wax I generally use a painting iron but you  can use a stylus with various tips for different effects

This is a picture of the type of iron you can use with a selection of waxes. The wax comes in different colours and is just rubbed onto a hot iron, you can use one colour or a variety depending on the effect that you need.
Its a very enjoyable craft and you get better at it it with practise but you can never produce the same picture twice.
Anyway the mounts that arrived were cream and black suitable for 6''x4'' pictures, they are great quality and I cant wait to mount some pictures tomorrow so watch this space xxxx


  1. Wish Kayleigh a safe trip from me, Caribbean for a few months sounds lovely, especially as it's freezing today. Jayne x