Sunday, 17 April 2011

Exhibition Day

This week has been fantastic. For a couple of days I was getting my paintings ready for the exhibition at Bursleden Brickworks heres a few photos
These are my pictures before mounting just after varnishing
Luckily they were left for a few days to dry while I went off to Kent to see the First Best Friend I ever made
Now Jayne (Jaynes Blog) is amazinng I arrived to freshly made rolls and baked ham with handmade pickle it was fantastic 
In the evening we had a delicious dinner and a catch up with two more old school friends 
The next morning I rose to the smell of freshly baked bread brilliant eh?
We had a shopping day in Bluewater were we indulged in a few craft shops and great food and milkshakes 
As a thankyou I gave her one of my Paintings 
She loved it I was so pleased 
On the last morning she made this fantastic cinnamon bun loaf it was very like chelsea buns totally delicious
and we then drove over to see her mum and dad two of my favourite people I always remember being young and thinking they were amazing I remember them dancing around their frontroom when I was about 11 years old and they have just never changed
After another hearty lunch in the Harvester I drove home always in my head that I really would love to move back to Kent xxxxxxxxx
Well back to the Exhibition Saturday was spent finishing off all the mounting ready for an early start on Sunday I had my kit all set up to ready to do some demos It was a very enjoyable day and I had lots of interest in this art I even got invited to do a talk and demo at a local craft group x

This is my demo table before I started 
There was a lot going on a few too many pics for here so I will put them on my facebook page 
but all in all a very fun 1st week of the holidays 
I also went to a very crazy hen night on saturday evening as I have another lovely friend getting married this week 
Hope you have enjoyed my blog do not forget to pop over to Handmade Monday 12 to take a look at some other amazing blogs I would also like to thank wendy for this amazing idea once again xxx


  1. Encaustic art always produces such stunning effects and the beautiful colours, love what you have done.

  2. You have such a busy life, but still time to produce such lovely work! Nancy

  3. Thank you although you make me sound much more impressive than I really am! It was a lovely couple of days, my beautiful painting is now proudly hanging in my craft room. Glad the exhibition went well. Lots of love Jayne xx

  4. Wow - you have had a lovely weekend - it sounds great. Your paintings are beautiful -I'm sure your friend was thrilled with hers. Good luck with the exhibition!
    Happy handmade Monday
    Rebecca x

  5. Sounds like you had a busy week. love your paintings, they're are beautiful and unique.
    Hugs Sue x

  6. Wow, sounds like great fun! I love meeting up with old friends. Love the paintings.

  7. Sounds like you had a great time :) Lovely to see your pictures all framed :)

  8. Love the fibrant colours in your paintings. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the Weekend.

  9. MMmmmm cinnamon, I love it. Loved your post too, great pictures and there is a wonderful depth to the colours you have used.

    Jan x

  10. Yey for the lovely weekend! freshly baked bread just smells sooo good. I love love love your art, it looks so vivid and interesting.

  11. Thankyou so much for the lovely comments guys It makes my day xxxx